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Aegean-Anatolian Rock, Pyschedelic, Folk
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Sea songs, Aegean culture and Dionysus spirit… Openness that comes along with the sea, sun and the excitement of Dionysus. Eating, drinking, singing, dancing, weddings, rituals, moss and southwester wind. Kirika is searching for the sea culture that has been lost long time ago. Nourished by the traditional forms, Kirika preserves the original styles of Agean musics while presenting them from a new viewpoint. The main inspiration of Kirika is the music emerging at the end of 19th century in Ottoman Empire’s cosmopolite cities Istanbul, Smyrna and Thessalonica that was carried on in meyhanes / café amans, until 1960s. Folk music usually described as the music of the country but Kırıka makes the folk music of the city. The Band’s first album ‘Kaba Saz’ has releasd in 2008 and second album ‘Yılların Ettiğini’ has released in 2012 by Baykus Music.


Yılların Ettiğini 2012 Baykus Music
Cigara (single) 2012 Baykus Music
Kaba Saz 2008 Baykus Music

Une Saison Turque, Mondomix MP3, 2010
Beyond Istanbul, Trinkont Records, Germany, 2009
Homegrown Istanbul Vol.2, Pozitif, 2007

Dondurmam Gaymak (2006)
Arkadaşlar Arasında (2013)




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